Lenovo Releases Enhanced SaaS Tool for PC Management

Lenovo has announced Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, a new and improved version of its device health management tool based on software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud. With this launch, the company expands its commitment – and presence – in the digital experience monitoring (DEM) space. The DEM solutions, such as Lenovo, offer companies the means to make business decisions based on data that helps optimize the costs of the assistance service time increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is specifically designed to take advantage of Lenovo’s unique position as a technology provider for business IT teams. Following a customer survey to learn about their top unresolved IT issues, Lenovo developed an advanced predictive analytics solution with a flexible, extensible architecture and enhanced security.

Lenovo Device Intelligence, introduced last September, helps enterprise IT administrators monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot PC problems while leveraging Lenovo AI predictive analytics to help predict potential PC failures. system or performance issues before they occur. The new Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus solution retains Lenovo’s signature AI-powered predictive analytics and adds even more proactive device insights as well as superior functionality to drive better business outcomes.

The tool collects 10,000 data points every 15 seconds from each device, allowing you to monitor millions of aggregated data points across the entire fleet in real-time. (It is important to note in this regard that Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is based on a multi-layered security stack with strict data privacy policies and takes a rigorous approach to protect sensitive customer data. More information can be found later in this release). It then reports on device health trends and provides in-depth root cause analysis, quantifies end-user productivity impacts driven by IT resource constraints and provides valuable insights to inform decisions, such as adjusting hardware and software investment for better business outcomes. All of this can go a long way toward helping a business optimize its support costs, increase end-user productivity, and improve the overall end-user experience.

In developing Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, Lenovo has collaborated with Lakeside Software, a recognized industry leader in the DEM segment.

In developing Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, Lenovo has collaborated with Lakeside Software, a recognized industry leader in the DEM segment. By integrating Lakeside’s solution with Lenovo’s own predictive analytics software, Lenovo has created a solution that offers a broader set of analytics and more tools to gain actionable insights and proactively impact service operations.

Challenges of remote management in the field of IT

Managing a large fleet of PCs can be challenging even at the best of times. Of course, this challenge has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has multiplied the number of people who telecommute. Many current trends – including more employees working from home – are likely to hold for the long term, as offices increasingly become a hybrid ‘business centre’

The impact has been felt by IT professionals trying to diagnose and mitigate common and sometimes system problems in PC health, as well as performance failures. Faced with increasing demands on IT professionals, they are looking for ways to automate tasks so as not to be left behind.

Our predictive analytics engine applies machine learning and deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) models to an organization’s environment to help predict common end-user problems such as “blue screens of death,” hardware failures. such as hard drives / SSDs and batteries, and applications that can cause performance degradation problems. As models become more complete and sophisticated with more data, the technology learns and becomes smarter over time, enabling it to more accurately predict problems.

Improved troubleshooting tools

Lenovo designed the Lenovo Device Intelligence platform to help IT professionals better monitor the health and performance of Lenovo Think-branded and third-party PCs. Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is built on Lenovo Device Intelligence advanced predictive analytics, proactive alerts and information, robust reporting, and PC fleet health scoring. It also incorporates improved information, alerts, reports, analysis, and more options for running problem remediation. For a more comprehensive view of PC health, it features productivity impact assessments based on IT resource constraints, root cause analysis, and benchmark peer comparisons. It also has a user experience score, asset optimization information, and much more.

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus offers IT organizations robust capabilities in:

· Monitoring and evaluation with real-time monitoring of millions of data points for greater visibility into PC fleet health and productivity impacts.

· Prediction and prevention, optimizing attendance and increasing employee activity time and productivity.

· Analysis and resolution, rapidly mitigating problems and improving key mean time to resolution (MTTR) metrics.

· Optimization and improvement so that fleets work at maximum performance and improve the employee experience with a technology that adapts to the needs of the company.

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