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The Japanese multinational has chosen for this article its product Epson Document Capture Pro, a software system that is committed to comfort and efficiency in document management processes. Intuitive to use, it digitizes and stores documents electronically with the push of a single button. In addition, it is compatible with the most important and well-known file formats such as: PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF / A, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and Multi-TIFF.

Epson Document Capture Pro adapts to the needs of all kinds of users, from those just starting out to those with some experience.

If we delve into its features, Epson Document Capture Pro adapts to the needs of all kinds of users , from those just starting out in the field of document management to those who already have some experience. In this regard, it is possible to handle different sizes and dimensions of documents simultaneously with functions of barcode recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) zone support and batch separation. Another function is to register task profiles.

Epson Document Capture Pro also nods to collaboration and sharing. To do this, it allows the sending of documents directly to Microsoft SharePoint, cloud storage services or an FTP address. Likewise, it provides an application programming interface (API) so that collaborators can add add-ons and integrate their paper capture solutions with other document management systems and services located in the computing cloud.

Epson Document Capture Pro is recommended for both small and large businesses, can be integrated into most cloud services, and has a user-friendly interface.

In the field of image processing, the features are quite comprehensive: automatic deviation correction, automatic color detection, elimination of punched holes, horizontal and vertical division of documents, omission of blank pages …

Epson Document Capture Pro has zero cost and can be used with different scanners of the firm such as the WorkForce DS A3 and A4 flatbed devices or the high-performance WorkForce DS-520N series to manage everything from letters to contracts to order forms. Epson Document Capture Pro can also be used with the DS-30 portable scanner (recommended for managing purchase inquiries, contracts and purchase orders while on the go) as well as the GT-S55 and GT-S85 high-performance computers for managing quickly across multiple pages or large batches of paper.

Mac OS X users also have the possibility to enjoy advanced functions in the treatment of image documents and scan to FTP, e-mail, Enernote or the SugarSync program that has a backup service, file sharing and folders or device synchronization; all through Document Capture 1. Both the DS-520N and DS-560 scanners are compatible with Document Capture for Mac OS

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